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Do you think of yourself as the CEO of your real estate business?  If not, you should start, because you are.  Leaders of successful businesses hire strong managers they can lean on, trust, and who perform.  Think of Agent ^Up: Admin as that business manager overseeing a group of talented people with specific skill sets necessary to strategize and execute at the highest level for your personal business model. 

Reach out to Jess to hear more about the full service admin packages. or 910-233-8799    

She can't wait to tell you all about it!

A taSte of our aLa cArTe serVices

Listing Coordination

I'm not sure there is a more crucial time in the listing period than in the very beginning.  


From the basic steps - timely, accurate entry into the MLS, well written remarks, showcasing photography, high quality exposure online - to the level of immediate service you provide the seller. 


How you begin often reflects how things will end.



Closing Coordination

Clear and constant communication from contract to close can make all the difference in not only a successfully closed transaction, but also the potential of your client recommending you to family and friends.  


This stressful time period is your last chance to provide stellar service and make a lasting impression that will result in future business.


Make sure you maximum the days before that commission check is cut by leveraging your time through Agent ^Up: Admin. 




Strategy Execution

Marketing to expired and withdrawn listings in a timely and consistent manner will increase your chance of being invited for a listing appointment.


Imagine going to bed at night knowing you marketed to each and every expired or withdrawn seller that met your set criteria.




Goal Setting & Business Planning

..a well thought out description coming soon..

..please stay tuned..

Time Management & Accountability

..a well thought out description coming soon..

..please stay tuned..


Models & Systems


..a well thought out description coming soon..

..please stay tuned..

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