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"Millionaire Real Estate Agents are seller-listing lead generators first, marketers of those seller listings second, and buyer-listing lead generators third." 


~ The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller


Direct mail and print marketing are not dead.


In fact, with a thoughtful strategy, quality design, authentic message, target audience, and consistency, direct mail is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to establish you as the go-to market expert.


Sounds like a lot of work, huh?  It is.  But you have Agent ^Up as leverage.


We are here to make sure that the transition from the initial brainstorming session, to the actual campaign strategy, all the way through the execution of the campaign, is efficient and effective allowing you to focus on what you do best - selling real estate.


We are ready to roll. Are you?!


If I googled you what would I find?  If your seller prospects googled you what would they find? 


Would they find your unique selling proposition? Would the homes you have listed appear on the first page of their search? Would your bio speak to what a strong listing agent you are or would it mostly be speaking to buyers?  


Your digital presence as a listing agent, not just a real estate agent, can separate you from the pack. We all know that +90% of buyers start their home search online.  Well guess what - sellers start their research online too.  Even if you've been referred you can expect the prospective seller to google you.  


Agent ^Up can help make your digital presence an impressive one.  


The power of social media in real estate cannot be ignored - especially when it comes to the fastest growing homebuyer population - Millennials.


If you are not using social media to market your listings you are missing valuable buyer and seller leads. 


It's not rocket science, but it takes forethought and a fairly large time commitment as consistency is key in social.


What do you post?  Where do you post it? When do you post it?  Who are you speaking to really?


The answers to these questions can be confusing and intimidating.  Who has the time or energy to figure it all out?


Agent ^Up does :).



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